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Travel Photography ...

We do travel a little and I may, from time to time, place a few snaps on this page. Of course it is virtually impossible to represent what you have experienced in photographs, so that part we leave to your imagination.

Nepal, November 2022 ...

Published: 6 January, 2023 © Studio Karel

November 2022: In October 2022, we finaly made it to Nepal after a two-year delay caused by Covid-19 and all its related issues. Nepal first came up in 2019 and we had hoped to go in the autumn of 2020, but at that time, it did not make sense to make detailed plans. In 2021, we assumed that with a little luck all the pandemic issues would have died down to the point where travel was possible again. We placed our name on the list for KE Adventure Travel's Ultimate Everest Trek. This was our first time to the Himalayas and it seemed prudent to go with a group rather than find out the hard way. It would also give us the support in case things were to go pear-shaped. Although our fitness is good for our age, we were not sure how altitude was going to affect us. I had been over the 4,000 meters before and had no problems but that was many years ago and for Greet crossing the 4,000 meters would be a new record. Breaking height records was not the aim, but to see what we would like to see required us to go over 5,000 meters. Sadly, KE had to cancel the 2021 edition and we had to move everything to November 2022, just to make sure. The trip was an amazing experience and although we had to revise our plans because of Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS) in Machhermo, we did manage to get to Ama Damblam base camp at 4,600 meters and just a little higher (4,900 meters) on the track that leads to Camp 1. We also had a great time exploring colourful (but polluted) Kathmandu and environs.

For descriptions of the photos visit the album on Flickr.

Tour de Mont Blanc July 2022 ...

Published: 23 August, 2022 © Studio Karel

July 2022: For many years we have been looking at doing the Tour du Mont Blanc (TMB), but somehow it never came about. In March 2022 we started training by walking loops over Traprain Law, a local hill. We had to get used to carrying heavier backpacks again and we needed to strengthen our knees and shoulders. We ended up walking some 300km and climbed around 18,000m in training. At the end of June we crossed over to the Netherlands for some family festivities and then drove on to Chamonix. On 30 June we set off from the large carpark in Les Houches. The main aim was to enjoy the Tour and not to do it as fast as possible - we have the time these days. We had planned 12 days walking and 2 full rest days. We also decided to stick to the classic GR-TMB route. After a little cloud in the first few days we ended up with the most amazing warm weather for the next 4 weeks we were in the area. It was T-shirts and shorts all the way. In order not to have to rely on the expensive (and often overbooked) huts and refuges along the TMB we had brought lightweight camping gear. We only used a refuge once and on the rest days we used AirBnB accommodation in Palleusieux (near Courmayeur) and in Champex-Lac. For the rest we camped on campsites, bivouac sites and one night wild at 2,300m. Although we used some lightweight food most of our meals were picked up en route. Our training paid off wonderfully and we never had any issues. The days were relatively short, bar a few, and we never felt really tired. In the end we walked 190km and climbed 10,400m in 52 hours (66 hours including rests). It was a great experience and I would gladly do it again. The TMB was also a proof of concept, to see how we would coop with a multi-day hike as we have further plans for the autumn.

For descriptions of the photos visit the album on Flickr.

Netherlands December 2021 ...

Published: 7 January, 2022 © Studio Karel

December 2021: We decided to go ahead with the planned December break in the Netherland despite the continuing Covid situation. It was not at all straightforward to figure out what was required or when and how things were changing, but we eventually sorted out the paperwork and booked the costly tests from and to the UK. At the end of our trip the rules changed on both sites of the Channel with things closing down in the Netherlands and and the introduction of an extra pre departure test on our return to the UK. Hardly anyone looked at these formalities and we never received our test results from Racoo on return to the UK, so you wonder if we're all just ticking the boxes. Anyway, we visited family and friends and enjoyed our time in Limburg and Friesland. The weather proved somewhat dull and grey, but we had a few nice crisp days.

For descriptions of the photos visit the album on Flickr.

Northern Scotland Trip September 2021 ...

Published: 25 September, 2021 © Studio Karel

September 2021: Because of the stay-cations it was very busy in Scotland over the summer. We usually skip theScottish summer for this reason and also to avoid the midge-maximum. It was not easy to find space for a tent on campsites in September, so we had to improvise a little. The plan was to go north, but camping was a problem, so we stayed a little further south in Sutherland and also spent some time the Assynt and Wester Ross. The weather was not at all bad, despite a few misty and rainy days, but that's to be expected. We had some intense midge encounters, but a little wind, rain and Smidge does wonders. We did another Munro in Glenshee (102/31), a Graham in Glen Gairn and a SIMM (six hundred meter mountain) at the Lecht. We had a closer look at the Moine Thrust and its related geology, visited the Bone Caves, walked to the Old Man of Stoer and made a boat trip on Loch Ewe. We also visited Dunrobinn Castle, a number of excellent local museums in Dornoch and Gairloch and the Inverewe Gardens in Poolewe. A lovely few days away, and possibly our last nights under canvas this year.

For descriptions of the photos visit the album on Flickr.

Borders Weekend July 2021 ...

Published: 7 July, 2021 © Studio Karel

July 2021: Just a weekend break in mid-summer. Again, it was hard to find space on campsites so we ended up in Carfraemill, just over Soutra Hill, to do a few lower hills and visit two gardens in the Scottish Borders. It had been a while since we visited Abbotsford (Sir Walter Scott's former abode) and even longer since we had been to Traquair House, Scotland's oldest inhabited house, and although the buildings were closed the gardens were open. We had not seen the new visitors centre and restaurant at Abbotsford either.

For descriptions of the photos visit the album on Flickr.

Tarland (Deeside) Trip May 2021 ...

Published: 22 May, 2021 © Studio Karel

May 2021: After a long winter of no-go anywhere the reigns were eased. East Lothian is nice, but we have been around over the last 40 years. So it's good to leave the county again and go somewhere else. We aimed for a week hillwalking in Royal Deeside and settled on a quiet campsite at Tarland. Not a bad week, despite the rain. One Munro (my 101st), one Corbett, one Graham and one Sub-2000 and some other bumps along the way. Also some lovely walks in the Muir of Dinnet National Nature Reserve and around Tarland. We even had the bikes out for a spin along the Tarland Way.

Scottish Highlands 2020 ...

Published: 14 November, 2020 © Studio Karel

September 2020: Despite of Covid-19 we decided to take a short break in the Scottish Highlands. This months would normally have seen us in the Swiss Alps to celebrate our 40th wedding anniversary, but it was not to be. However we did enjoy our week up north.

The Netherlands Winter 2020 ...

Published: 20 March, 2020 © Studio Karel

February 2020: Just before lockdown we managed to have a two week trip to the Achterhoek in the east of the Netherlands. On the way back we encountered the storm 'Dennis' with some wonderful dramatic skies.

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